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Welcome to Tsunoni News:

Welcome to Tsunoni News, the internet's best source for information regarding Tsunoni the exciting new product from 1-800 Patches.  Tsunoni News was developed to give our visitors in-depth information on not only Tsunoni, but the benefits of Noni extracts, Noni patches and how Noni can help you advance your overall level of health.

What are Noni and Tsunoni?

Noni is a small fruit from the south pacific that has been known to have healing properties for hundreds of years.  The early Polynesians used it as a general tonic, but further research has shown that can be beneficial for imbalances of the immune, repertory, intestinal and digestive systems.  Noni can also aid

the body in repairing injured muscles, bones and tissue.  Noni also contains powerful antioxidant properties (11 mgs per gram). To learn more about Noni click here

Tsunoni is an exciting new product developed by 1-800 Patches that is the most advanced Noni based system ever developed. The Tsunoni system uses a two step approach for people looking for better health.  

The first element of the Tsunoni system is the instant powdered drink formula that combines the healing powers of Noni and the healthily elements of Green Tea to create a healthy, effervescent fusion that tastes great.  As stated above, Noni extract contains 11 mgs of antioxidant elements per gram, and Green Tea Extract contains 88 mgs per gram.  However, research has show that when these amazing extracts are combined they deliver 47% more antioxidants per gram. Tsunoni combines Noni extract and green tea to create an unbeatable combination for people looking for good health and well being.  The second element of the Tsunoni system is the 48 hour patch that helps promote fat burning and boost you immune system, providing you with a constant dose of Noni and Green Tea day and night.  To read more about the Tsunoni system click here

Why Anti-Oxidants Are Important:

Anti-Oxidants are certain vitamins and minerals that help stop the damage caused by free radicals.  Free radicals are unbalanced molecules that are formed when the body comes in contact with harmful chemicals.  These unbalanced molecules cause a cascading effect as they steal electrons from other molecules which in turn become free radicals.  If free radicals are not stopped they can cause damage to internal organs, disease and other health problems.  Anti-oxidants are vitamins and minerals that work against free radicals by 'giving' electrons to the free radicals that are trying to steal them from healthy molecules.  These vitamins in turn do not become unbalanced free radicals themselves, but rather free going cells that help repair damaged cells.  To read a more extensive explanation of free radicals please click here

How Tsunoni Works as a 2 part Anti-Oxidant System:

The Tsunoni system is comprised of a powerful powdered drink that combines the natural anti-oxidant elements of both Noni and Green Tea extracts, that when combined increase both their anti-oxidant properties by 47%.   This drink gives your body a large dose of anti-oxidants, while the second part, the 48 hour patch, allow for a slow release of concentrated Noni and Green tea that work in fighting anti-oxidants around the clock.  To read more about the Tsunoni system and how it can fight anti-oxidants click here

How to Order Tsunoni Online:

To order Tsunoni please click here

For more informaion about Tsunoni and how it compares to other Noni products click here

For more information about Anti-Oxidants and Anti-Oxidant Products click here


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